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I have two major research projects.  The first examines the social wellbeing effects of neoliberal policy.  That project explores the way in which our living standards have changed as a result of a worldwide conservative shift in economic policy that began in America after Reagan and spread worldwide after the Cold War’s end.    The second examines the way in which American household finances have evolved since the 1980s.  I am now examining how the cost strains of essential goods and services have affected the financial stability of American families.


Political Economy, Finance, Development, Public Policy, Quantitative Comparative-Historical Analysis, Decision-Making



2010.     Global Capitalism (with Miguel Centeno).  Polity Press

Articles and Chapters 

2012.   “The Arc of Neoliberalism” (with Miguel Centeno).  Annual Review of Sociology.

 2012.     “Managing the Faustian Bargain: Monetary Autonomy in the Pursuit of Development in  Eastern Europe and Latin America” in Renato Boschi and Carlos Henrique Santana (eds.) Development and Semi-Periphery: Post-Neoliberal Trajectories in South American and Central Eastern Europe.  Anthem Press.

2006.     “Neoliberalism and Patterns of Economic Development” (with Miguel Centeno) Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 606(1): 32 – 67

2005.     “Information Inequality and Network Externalities: A Comparative Study of the Diffusion of Television and the Internet” (with Paul DiMaggio) in Victor Nee and Richard Swedberg (eds.) The Economic Sociology of Capitalism (Princeton: Princeton University Press): 227 – 267


Ph.D. in Sociology (Princeton University, 2007)
Master’s of Sociology (Princeton University, 2005)
Bachelor’s of International Business (Carleton University, 1999)


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