Holly Reed

reedAssistant Professor of Sociology
Associate Director, Master’s Program in Data Analytics and Applied Social Research


Professor Holly Reed is assistant professor of sociology at Queens College, City University of New York (CUNY) and a faculty associate of the CUNY Institute for Demographic Research (CIDR). Her research interests include: internal migration, urbanization, international migration, social networks, forced migration, and demographic dynamics in sub-Saharan Africa—including Ghana, South Africa, and Nigeria—and the United States. Dr. Reed’s current research projects are: 1) survey data analysis examining the health and welfare of African immigrants and refugees in the U.S.; 2) a historical analysis of life history data looking at the interrelationships between internal migration, gender, and social networks in South Africa during and after the apartheid era; and 3) policy and demographic analysis of population, social and economic changes in Nigeria.

 Professor Reed previously served as a program officer for the Committee on Population of the National Academies in Washington, DC, where she wrote and edited reports on various international population issues, including urbanization and development, forced migration, maternal mortality, and fertility change.  Professor Reed teaches Introduction to Statistics (SOC 205) and a master’s-level course in Demography (SOC 736) at Queens College, and doctoral-level courses in Demography and Demographic Methods at the CUNY Graduate Center.


Demography, Migration, Sub-Saharan Africa, Policy Analysis, Urbanization, Development


BS, Georgetown University, 1996 (Foreign Service)
MA, Georgetown University, 1998 (Demography)
PhD, Brown University, 2008 (Sociology)



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